Viva Riva! review

Smuggler and smooth talker Riva gets in to trouble in corrupt Congo

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Slapping on a swaggering explanation mark, this Congolese crime rumble is just happy to be here.

Fuelled by its own vagabond brand of Afro-exploitation, it sees smuggler raconteur Riva (Patsha Bay) arrive home with a stolen shipment of precious gasoline that makes him a boozing, womanising playa in corrupt Kinshasa.

The story is pure shonk – Riva chases local kingpin’s girl (Manie Malone), Angolan crime boss (Hoji Fortuna) chases Riva – but there’s just enough sexy sex (gratuitous lesbians for good measure) and violent violence (too nasty at times) to keep this bumpy ride on track.