Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown dev diary takes you behind the scenes of AM2s classic franchise

In the long history of Sega as a publisher, Virtua Fighter has been one of its top franchises, and AM2 one of its lead development studios. Though both have been a little quiet in recent years, VF and AM2 are making a return sometime this summer with the downloadable update to VF5 titled Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. In this video AM2's Makoto Osaki and Daichi Katagiri take you through the franchise’s history.

They go into some interesting specifics about VF5, but the incredibly old school side of us wishes they’d included more background on other AM2 hits, like Shenmue or Daytona Racing. Oh well, that’s still a surprising amount of developer insight into the tweaks and adjustments being made to such a long-lived franchise. This newest iteration of VF5 is planned to arrive on XBLA/PSN at some point this summer.

Henry Gilbert

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