Videogames do bad things again...

EA has had its hands slapped over a recent Burnout Dominator (PS2, PSP) ad that appeared on theLondon Undergroundthanks to the creative slogan "Inner peace through outer violence." That and an image of a crumpled car.

The BBC reports that the Advertising Standards Authority ordered the London Tube poster not to be used after receiving 37 complaints.

EA is reported to have said that the poster was obviously for a videogame and that the ad would not be seen to support actual violence.

Those who actually complained said that the poster was offensive and likely to encourage violence, dangerous driving or vandalism.

Yeah, in the videogame!

The ASA called the poster "irresponsible" and then Electronic Arts said the ad didn't show actual real people, so the focus was on the game and not real life. EA backed down in the end though and said it wouldn't run theposter again.

June 27, 2007