Video walkthrough of new Gears maps

Today marks the release of two new Gears of War multiplayer maps, available free on Xbox Live. For those of you not able to play hooky to enjoy them, we've got a nifty little video walkthrough of the levels, hosted by Gears lead designer Cliff Bleszinski, to help you get over the hump.

The video features gameplay footage from each of the levels, Raven Down and Old Bones, showcasing the brutality you've come to know and love in two brand new settings. According to Bleszinski, Raven Down will foster frenetic close-quarters combat, while Old Bones offers more opportunity to stalk and out-manuever your enemies.

Hit the Movies tab above for all this and more, including mention of a Gears gamer theme (the already available Emergence Day theme, or something new?) and Bleszinski's philistine thoughts on museums. Just because the paintings don't move and/or kill each other doesn't mean they're boring, right guys? Right?

January 10, 2007