Vexille review

From the producer of CG extravaganza Appleseed comes another hit of dystopian sci-fiabout ’bots replacing humanity. In the year 2077 Japan retreats into isolationism, intent on developing illegal robot technology despite condemnation from the United Nations. Worried that’s all not well, the US sends top agent Vexille and her covert ops team into Tokyo where they discover some shocking truths about the next stage of human evolution. While the long-winded plot’s simply a thieving magpie mish-mash of classic anime, Isaac Asimov and Mary Shelley, the sleek CG animation gives the full throttle action sequences some juice, with ’bot battles and dune buggy chases scored by banging tracks from Paul Oakenfold and Basement Jaxx. Disengage the brain and let your fingers twitch like they’re holding a joypad.

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