Valve and HTC's VR headset revealed, supports body tracking

As teased last week, HTC and Valve have officially unveiled their collaborative virtual reality headset, named RE Vive. The RE Vive uses Valve's SteamVR motion tracking technology by watching your movement from two base stations, allowing you to control the game with your body as well as supporting a standard control pad. HTC has announced it will release its own handsets that work with the unit through hand tracking. Here's hoping they've got a catchy name like 'Power Gloves' or something.

The headset's tech specs are yet to be finalised, but the current developer model features two 1200 x 1080 screens running at 90 frames per second. HTC reckons the high refresh rate should help solve the nausea problems suffered by many users of VR headsets. There's a headphone jack on the side too (YES!). While the headset itself features accelerometers and internal gyroscope, the base station will allow you to 'get up and walk around inside the virtual world' in spaces up to 15x15 feet. That's impressive... just be careful not to walk into a wall, of course.

The unit will release 'soon' as a developer version (much like Oculus Rift has done in its pre-finalised state), at some point this year, followed by a consumer version before the year is out. HTC has already announced partners developing software for the device, namely Cloudhead Games, Dovetail Games and Fireproof Games, but also Google, HBO and Lionsgate. This baby isn't just for games.

For more information on the RE Vive and to register your interest in a developer version, check out the official site.

Justin Towell

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