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Va Savoir review

Actress Camille (Jeanne Balibar) returns to Paris after a three-year hiatus to take the lead in a version of Pirandello's As You Desire Me. She's married to director and co-star Ugo (Sergio Castellitto), but that doesn't stop her looking up ex-boyfriend Pierre (Jacques Bonnaffé). Meanwhile, Ugo is hunting down a forgotten theatrical manuscript, encountering flirtatious research student Do (Helen de Fougerolles) in the process. And then there's Do's half-brother, a shady character who's attempting to seduce Pierre's ballet-teacher wife (Marianne Basler)...

The backstage setting and parallels between art and life may sound off-putting, but don't be fooled. Va Savoir is a charming comedy of manners from veteran French New Wave director Jacques Rivette, who magically guides us through the city and romantic possibilities that connect his characters. Narrative strands are effortlessly weaved together and the masterly direction is matched by a clutch of sparkling performances.

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