Urban Dead: The massively multiplayer zombie text adventure

The one where you're a down-and-out fistfighing tramp

HoboWarsis a simple RPG where you live out the days of a homeless person who likes to fight, drink, drink and fight. Like Urban Dead you can perform a limited amount of actions per day, from picking fights with trolley boys at the supermarket to scouring the streets for old cans and trading them for small change.

If we've one criticism it's the lack of bombastic impact from the fights. There's no illustrations of your bareknuckle dustup, just a quickly calculated commentary on how the fight went. That said, what other games enable you to live in a cardboard box? It's the American dream!

The rabid forum-abusing internet kiddies parody one

If you use the internet at all, you'll have come across the odd flame, troll or out-of-control forum argument. The perpertrators are, we imagine, largely pasty-faced and greasy youths employing the anonymity of the web as a pitiable ego-boosting tool. And now you can be one, withForumwarz!

"Forumwarz isthe internet... in game form" the website explains. In essence, it's a biting interactive commentary on the pathetic nature of most forumites, dressed up as a mouse-driven RPG. Forumwarzlaser-targets the typical character traits of forum-abusers for humourous assault, with a very, very funny script. Play it, and you'll never flame a thread again. Well, not unless you're doing it ironically of course.

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