Up 'N' Under review

Yes, it's your typical sports story: a lowly team, populated by miserable failures who nevertheless rise to the occasion and enjoy a moment of improbable victory. Only this time the flabby no-hopers are rugby league "players", whose weekly training is strictly social - until tough gym teacher Hazel (Samantha Janus) and naive coach Arthur (Gary Olsen) decide that they're destined for better things. Arthur has unwisely bet sleazy local businessman Reg (Tony Slattery) that his underdogs will triumph over the league champions - but can they? And do you care? Well, yes, you probably do. John Godber has adapted his likable stage play into a funny, oddball romp, and, judging by the reception The Full Monty received last year, his entertaining and very British comedy could be the perfect antidote to those winter blues.

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