Until Dawn survival guide

Chapter 5

At What Price

In the sanatorium morgue, you'll spot this strange contraption. If you interact with it, Mike will get his hand caught in the bear trap hidden inside. Just ignore it and continue on, fingers and machete intact.

Man's Best Friend, Part 1

As soon as Mike enters the sanatorium chapel, a wolf will bark at him. Kick him to defend yourself. Don't let a bit of animal cruelty get to you - in the same room is a large chest containing bones. Pick one up and give it to the wolf to make amends.

On the Same Page

When Matt and Emily check out the cable car station, they'll learn of a nearby fire tower that could be of help. When Emily suggests this, you can agree with her or suggest going back to the lodge. Say yes to her plan.

Something for Later, Part 2

When Sam finds herself in the cinema room, the psycho will attack. Chuck a vase, then leap over the bed to keep running. When you reach the basement, choose to hide. Stay put until the psycho grabs you - yes, grabs you. When he does, you'll be able to grab the baseball bat from earlier, slug him, and escape. Force your way through the final door to make it out alive.

Run or Hide

So you escaped from the psycho for now, great. Whatever you do, do not backtrack and try the door you just came through: you'll be immediately caught. Instead, head down the hallway and hide when given the chance. Stay hidden, and you'll make it out alive... again.

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