Unreal Tournament 3 - hands-on

What might be a little more original, though, are those vehicles. Certainly they're an evolution of what we've seen before, but many have really exciting features. For example, the Scorpion - a simple dune buggy - can serve as a painful surprise for your opponents. You can drive around and wreak havoc, of course, but you can also aim it and bail out - and it turns into a bomb, more or less, that explodes on impact. The bizarre alien vehicles - like the Dark-Walker and the Nemesis tank, which hitches up its insect-like treads to transform into a moving turret - add variety.

We spoke to a developer about the game who spoke a little about the game's story. Now, Unreal Tournament games haven't needed a story before - they're just multiplayer-based. The single-player has been all but irrelevant. While he was cagey about the relevance of this alien invasion tale - you'll see the tentacles of the Necris armies taking over human dwellings, on this map and others - it seems we can expect a little more than the usual "participate in multiplayer matches versus computer-opponents" this time around. Details are still forthcoming.