Unreal Tournament 2007: All About Vehicles (Part 2)

"We're thinking about doing a number of light vehicles for the Necris and what's cool about the Darkwalker is that it can crouch, so you can creep up until you're ready to attack. Its main weapon is an incredibly devastating beam weapon and it doesn't really matter whether I click the mouse or hold it down, I get the same duration of beam, which will kill individuals pretty much instantly.

"Originally, we had a crosshair for it, but we got rid of it because the weapon is great at missing - you're sort of like 'oh, did I miss you? Let me just walk the beam to exactly where it needs to be.'

"So, like the tank, it has a problem dealing with fast moving units and it's actually got more of a problem than the [Axon's]Goliath because you can pass between its legs in a fast moving vehicle. So we added a sort of secondary turret that's under the main weapon that's great for anti-air, it has a full 360 degree view."