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University of Southern California named top school for game studies

The University of Southern California has retained the position of “Top School for Video Game Design Study.” GamePro Media and the Princeton Review teamed up to give the school top honors in their survey of their top ten graduate and undergraduate programs. USC beat out 150 other schools for first place in both categories.

Schools were assessed on the basis of a survey with more than 50 questions. Faculty qualifications, post-graduation employment rate and alumni achievement were all taken into account.

"In the short span of five years since its inception, the USC GamePipe program has become the national leader in education and professional game development... it is a testament to the program quality, its leadership and the interdisciplinary strength at USC, which combines computer science, cinematic arts and fine arts in a unique partnership," Dean Yannis C. Yortsos of the USC Viterbi School told theHollywood Reporter.

Know anyone who’s attended, attending or plans to attend USC for the purpose of game design?

March 3, 2011

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