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Uncharted 4’s devs kicked a sexist tester off the game (BIG SPOILERS)

Naughty Dog has always made a point of trying to be more inclusive with games (such as pushing back against pressure to downplay Ellie on The Last Of Us' cover). That extended to Uncharted 4 (opens in new tab) where one tester was asked to leave because of his reaction to certain elements of the game. 


Speaking in a Glixer interview via Kotaku (opens in new tab) director Neil Druckmann talked about changing a few characters into women in the game, taking the attitude that, "does that affect or change anything? No? Cool, that’s different. Yeah, let’s do it”. 

But certain gender related elements clearly upset some people who were allowed early access to the game. Druckmann mentioned one focus tester that was eventually asked to leave because he reacted so badly to both Nadine beating up Drake, and the epilogue with Nate and Elena’s daughter: “In his core, it just affected him. He was cursing,” says Druckmann. 'Not you, too, Naughty Dog! Goddammit. I guess I’m done with Uncharted, if you guys ever make another one, with his daughter. This fucking bullshit'. And I was like, Wow, why does that matter?” Good question indeed. 

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