Uncharted 4 single-player DLC "will be a while" - Naughty Dog only started after launch

Don't expect the Uncharted 4 single-player DLC to arrive anytime soon. Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer took a moment on a recent multiplayer stream to address the myriad questions he'd received about the story expansion, tempering any hopes that fans might go on further Drake-y adventures before the end of the summer.

"[I]t will be a while before we have any new info", Meyer explained. "We didn't even start working on single-player DLC until after the game launched, so as you can imagine there will be some time for us to work on it. But we'll reveal it as soon as we're able to give you more info".

Developers frequently start work on DLC before the game actually comes out, at least partly because many workers who are busy in other stages of development - like narrative or level designers and artists - don't have nearly as much to do during the final polish stage. Naughty Dog was probably busy getting its multiplayer roadmap in gear in the weeks leading up to its May 10 release date, too.

Speaking of the multiplayer roadmap, game designer Quentin Cobb confirmed that Naughty Dog plans to ship co-op mode in an update in the "near future", as well as other new modes. Just to be clear, that will likely mean co-op more in the sense of Uncharted 3 - which had wave survival and a dedicated, non-canonical storyline - rather than a co-op option for the single-player campaign.

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