Uncharted 3's plane scene inspired Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

The Uncharted series has never been shy about its cinematic aspirations, but apparently it works the other way around, too; the director of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation has cited the series as chief inspiration for one the film's most trailer-worthy stunts.

In an extended Twitter Q&A session, director Christopher McQuarrie succinctly noted that the "plane stunt" (as you can see in the trailer below) drew from Uncharted, likely referring to the Uncharted 3 scene in which Nathan Drake is repeatedly thrown from the back of a cargo plane, climbing trucks and dodging gunfire on his way back up (and down).

Justin Richmond, who directed Uncharted 3 (and Uncharted 4, before leaving Naughty Dog to join Riot Games in 2014) took note of McQuarrie's response and expressed his mutual admiration.

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It must be massively fulfilling to see your old work influence one of the biggest action movie franchises in existence. Plus, I think this means video games have officially "made it" as far as cinematic moments go.

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