Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

You should definitely be able to see it all too. The series' legendary difficulty is now optional, thanks to three levels of challenge. Novice removes some traps and replaces some enemies, Standard is the default setting, and Ultimate hearkens back to the original games' knuckle-breaking tests of one's reflexes.

Can this game possibly not rock when it finally ships this fall? Modern players will dig the graphics and gameplay, and everything series vets loved about the original classics is here in spades. As we played it, we said aloud, "The only thing missing is that wizard who used to pop up and zap us into a frog or something at the worst possible time..."

And at that very moment, the old bastard appeared and poofed us into a grasshopper. Man, we love seeing a great, old series reborn and handled the right way.

Eric Bratcher
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