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X-Men First Class May Make Magneto Movie Redundant

"This story would probably utilize some of the Magneto story,” he says, "because it deals with a young Magneto, so it might supersede [a Magneto film] because this would explore that relationship between a young energetic professor and a disenfranchised victim of the Holocaust."

He also confirms that his current plan is to make Jack The Giant Killer first: "There is a script for "Jack"; we're in visual development. We've got artwork and pre-viz that we are doing. But you never know how things go."

And after seeing Avatar he is also considering making Jack The Giant Killer in 3D: "I’m going back and forth, debating, on using 3D for Jack, and [Avatar] pushed me a little closer in the 3D direction. 3D is a little daunting. And then there's the decision of, do you shoot in 3D, or do you post in 3D? And how to achieve that? I have a very good visual effect supervisor on Jack who has a lot of 3D character experience."

He also reveals that he's just, “concluded a deal for Battlestar Galactica, and we’re looking for a writer. And for Excalibur [his proposed remake of the John Boorman film] we’re still in negotiations."