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Wonders Of Life Competition

WIN! The latest Professor Brian Cox series, plus the accompanying book

We're big fans of Professor Brian Cox here at SFX – and not just because he was Danny Boyle's scientific advisor on Sunshine . His excellent Wonders Of... BBC series have introduced us to science that's just as exciting – and out-of-this-world – as anything science fiction has to offer, whether it's Jupiter's moon Io blowing itself to bits, methane oceans on Saturn's moon of Titan, or the eventual end of the universe. Few TV presenters have made the heat death of the universe sound quite so compelling.

With his latest outing, Wonders Of Life , the good professor has applied a physicist's eye to life on Earth, showing us the weird and varied ways different creatures perceive the world, how our size defines our existence, and asking one of the most profound questions of all – what actually makes something alive?

Wonders Of Life is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and as a beautiful companion hardback book. We've got copies of the DVD and the companion book to give away to five lucky winners. To stand a chance of winning, click this magic link .

And once you've entered, why not check out Professor Cox's favourite science fiction and fantasy .