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Wolfenstein through the ages

But did you know that BJ and his always-arching eyebrows have seen some significant changes over the years? Behold the many mug shots of Blazkowicz’s famous face as we examine Wolfenstein’s pixelated 3D past and next-gen future.

As seen in Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

In the early 80s, banana clips and big hair were in, the Falkland Islands were invaded, DOS was still the operating system of choice, and BJ Blazkowicz was just a nameless stickman in search of secret Nazi war plans in the original Castle Wolfenstein. Unlike id Software’s 3D action shooter, Muse Software’s Castle Wolfenstein was all about stealth, challenging you to sneak your way past guards with quick movements and disguises while conserving your bullets and grenades.

Above: The unnamed protagonist - in the first Wolfenstein games - was more about sneaking and less about shooting

After making off with the Nazi’s secret war plans, Wolfenstein’s protagonist received a new mission in the sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. This time, he was charged with planting a bomb to blow up Hitler in his bunker.

Above: In the box art for Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, the focus shifted away from the protagonist’s action army pose to emphasize the Fuehrer’s jowls and mini-mustache

Above: The unnamed soldier didn’t change much between the first two Wolfenstein games

As seen in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny

Besides looking amazing for its time, Wolfenstein 3D finally gave the series’ one-man army a name and an unforgettable face. Even though BJ Blazkowicz was a man of few words, he told you everything you needed to know with his many facial expressions.

You really suck.

You are the Allied force’s equivalent of a Star Trek redshirt and probably won’t survive this first episode.

You are pretty tough.

You like dying and/or using cheats.

I’m super. Thanks for asking.

Someone shot me with a luger and now I have a nosebleed. Does anyone have a napkin?

Face gushing blood. Very angry. Must eat dog food and drink blood.

I’m dead. Thanks for asking, jerk.

Above: BJ Blazkowicz added a lot of personality to the series

Does Blazkowicz wear a shirt or not? It depends on whether you’re looking at in-game screens or box art.

Above: The art on the Wolfenstein boxes clearly show Blazkowicz sans shirt

Above: However, the game screens suggest that Blazkowicz has been fighting in a prison uniform the whole time