White Chicks review

White Chicks is the kind of movie the Wayans bros used to parody on their show In Living Color. Now they're the ones making limp comedies ripe for skewering.

With Shawn and Marlon Wayans looking ridiculous in their latex white-girl get-ups, there's no way to tell this story straight. But bizarrely, that's the method their older brother and director Keenen Ivory uses. What's more, the risible plot - which has FBI agents Marcus (Marlon) and Kevin (Shawn) impersonating a pair of heiresses in order to thwart a kidnap attempt - takes an age to set up.

From this point on, race relations are fired at with the same scattershot idiocy as the Scary Movie pictures. If you're the type who laughs 'til it hurts, White Chicks is a pain-free 109 minutes.

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