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What went wrong with Two Worlds?

Reality Pump has been discussing the pit it fell into with its fantasy RPG Two Worlds, which didn't exactly go down a storm, in an interview with the UK edition of the Official Xbox Magazine.

"Two Worlds was not only the first role-playing game we created as a company, but also our first console game, so we've learned a lot in the process," the developer told OXM UK.

"The main lesson we learned is to be more realistic with our goals. With the original idea, we were all so excited to be working on an RPG that we tried to fit in every idea we had, even the ones that came late in the process."

This ultimately hurt the game, Reality Pump added, admitting that as a result "it had parts that were underdeveloped."

Two Worlds originally drummed up interest due to its Oblivion-esque free-roaming aspect, but it didn't even dint the armour of Bethesda's monster and averaged around a 50 percent review score on 360 and 65 percent on PC, according to Game Rankings.

However, lessons have been learned and are being applied to Reality Pumps' sequel, Two Worlds: The Temptation.

"With The Temptation, we clearly delineated the game's components at the start, and we're sticking to this target so the end result will be a more finely polished game," the developer promised.

Two Worlds: The Temptation is due out autumn on PC and Xbox 360.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 22, 2008