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Warehouse 13 4.18 "Lost And Found" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Avast Me Artie

Warehouse 13 Season Four Episode Eighteen “Lost And Found” TV REVIEW

Episode 4.18
Writers: Benjamin Raab and Deric A Hughes
Director: Howie Deutch

THE ONE WHERE Pete, Myka and Artie go treasure hunting with Charlotte DuPrix; while Nick busts Paracelsus out of the Warehouse.

VERDICT Whereas the bulk of Warehouse 13 season 4.5 has been content to tell Artifiact-of-the-week tales, “Lost And Found” is full-on season arc stuff as we discover what mysterious Brit Charlotte has been after all along.

Turns out she’s an immortal (surprise, surprise) and her son (an actual surprise) is also an immortal, and Charlotte wants to restore their mortality. To do this she attempts to double cross Pete, Myka and Artie during a treasure hunt and leaves her son to outsmart two experienced Warehouse agents with little more than a couple of magic magnets. It stretches simple logic to breaking point, but the plot works in a twisty-turny switch-your-brain-off kind of way.

Despite essentially being a show about treasure hunters, it’s rare that the quests in Warehouse 13 feel like actual treasure hunts, which gives this episode an unexpected charm. There are maps, clues, puzzles to solve, secret entrances, pirate treasure, dusty skeletons and even booby traps. The smoke monster spirit of Dan Seavey looks pretty great when it’s not interacting with the actors or pulling scary faces, and the writers have a ball putting every pirate pun from here to Davey Jones’ locker in Pete’s mouth.

The Claudia/Jinks/Nick plot is a successful exercise in rug-pulling, with one heck of a revelation at the end of it – Nick’s dad is only bloomin’ Giles! In his short appearance Anthony Head cuts an imposing Paracelsus, 16th Century alchemist/occultist and the man responsible for the spate of immortality that seems to have affected every other guest star this season. Worst of all, he bronzes Claudia and breaks the controls, what a git!

The problems with this week’s episode are that the characters act incredibly dumb semi-regularly (why weren’t Pete, Myka or Artie watching their backs in the graveyard, there are three of them!) and the cancer subplot serves as a constant downer. Plus, the day-dreamy moments where Myka makes imaginary confessions to Pete lose their impact after the first appearance, and are excruciatingly overused thereafter.

CONTINUITY Claudia sees Nick as Marcus Diamond (Sasha Roiz) in the Warehouse. Marcus was Walter Sykes’ henchman in season three. He killed Jinks and was later killed by Claudia. Bad blood between those two.

IT’S WOSSISNAME Anthony Head (Paracelsus) played Buff… who are we kidding, we don’t need to tell you who Anthony Head is!

IN-JOKE The antiques “dealer”, Fisher, is named after Supervising Producer Chris Fisher.

Pete: “Check out Bonesy McDead over here.”

Jordan Farley

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