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Until Dawn's PlayStation VR spinoff looks like House of the Dead on a rollercoaster

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 game about teenagers in the woods being hunted down by a maniac in a mask and other malicious forces - an interactive horror flick, if you will. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a PlayStation VR spin-off about being on a rollercoaster while shooting at lots of maniacs with a gun in each hand. Tonally, it's a little different from its source material.

If you were wondering just how such a wild departure would look in action, new gameplay footage has the answer:

Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I get a very modern day House of the Dead vibe from the footage, and while I'm always down for a fun lightgun game, I'm not sure what tying the experience in with Until Dawn adds to it. Maybe you can decide whether or not to shoot squirrels? I guess we'll find out sometime after PlayStation VR launches in October.

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