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TimeSplitters Future Perfect

ON: PS2, Xbox, Gamecube - OUT: Early 2005

THE PITCH: First-person shooting excellence is what we now expect after the brilliant TimeSplitters 2 and we're confident that Future Perfect will provide just that. In your race against time to trace the origin of the TimeSplitters before everything goes the way of the pear, you'll travel between the years 1914 and 2041. A very neat feature is that you'll team up in the various time zones with past and future versions of yourself. How cool is that? All the features that extended the gameplay life of TS2 return, including the fun challenge mode and the map maker - one of the best 'extras' ever to grace a console game.


  • Extensive challenge and Arcade modes
  • You team up with yourself when visiting different time zones (we like this, a lot)
  • A 16-player online deathmatch for PS2 (expect Xbox online details to follow, now that EA have confirmed they will support Xbox Live)
  • The story can be played in co-op mode (as in TimeSplitters 2) and the spiffy map-maker
  • Hundreds of unlockables, improved physics engine and smarter enemy AI
  • THE BUZZ: The first TimeSplitters was, at the very least, a decent first-person shooter. The second game was brilliant with a fantastic multiplayer engine. So naturally, it's fair to say that we're not alone when we say we're gagging for TimeSplitters Future Perfect.