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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Six - The Factory

Playing as Delores, take the Pillowtronic t-shirt you received from the will and give it to Ricki-Lee at the tube store. She’ll make the tube design that’s pictured on it and gift it to you. It’s a PF-001 tube.

Next up, leave the tube store and go to the bank and wait by El Paulo’s desk. Then switch to Franklin and call the number for Safely First Savings Bank. The number is once again in the phonebook, so use one of the characters to look for it and note it down.

After moaning down the phone for a bit as Franklin, the bank manager El Paulo will become annoyed and swivel his chair around to face away from you. This will allow Delores to take the factory key, out of his line of sight.

From the bank, head to the factory and unlock the gate, then move all the living characters inside the factory grounds to make the next bit more convenient.

Take control of Ray and head to the rear of the factory to the electric truck. Use the wrench on the restraining bolt and take the battery out. You’ll need to find a way to charge this up somehow.

Swap to Delores and fill up her maths trophy with radioactive waste, then take this to the trailhead and use it on the puddle.

Change to Ransome and get the battery from Ray, then head for the trailhead as well. Wait for someone to walk through the puddle and follow the tracks through the wood to the “seckrit” meeting area with a pizza van in the background.

Here’s where you’ll be able to charge up the battery. To do this, you simply need to use the battery on the electric fence.

While you’re here, there’s more you can do. Look at the pizza flyer and take note of the code at the bottom. Enter this into the keypad and then walk up the hill through the open gate and step into the van to attend the meeting.

Grab a goody bag after the cutscene plays out and open it to reveal some C4 wrapped in foil and a floppy disk. Now go back to the factory and use the charged battery on the electric truck. Push the lever to the on position and it will move aside, revealing a clock station. These clocks are important for the next puzzle.

Go into the open doorway to the far left, at the rear of the factory, and pick up the pieces of paper in the office to reveal a security handbook. Take it, as this will help in the puzzle to open the factory doors.

Use the PF-001 tube on the empty tube socket by the main factory doors, located at the front of the building. Then look at the security handbook. At the bottom of the second page is a number to call to receive the correct start-up time for the first clock station. Call it and then have Reyes use his watch on it. Change the numbers using the clock hands to the time you’ve just heard.

To get the correct times for the other stations, you need to look at the security handbook again. It should tell you to set the time on each successive station in five minute increments. For example, if the time on the first station is 11:05, set the time on the next one to be 11:10, and so on. Do this for each station and then return to the front door.

Press the button next to it and it will open slightly before stopping. You now need to use Ray, Reyes, and Ransome to open the door. This will create a gap large enough for Delores to get through. You’ll now be inside the factory.

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