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These game heroes died for your sins

Mario as Jesus.

With games becoming more and more an integral part of mainstream culture, and game icons being adapted into everything from toys and t-shirts to food and drink, this crossover was bound to happen. But who knew the result would work so well? Or be so professionally, meticulously, breathtakingly done? Behold one of the greatest pieces of fan art… ever.

"Game Over"was created bydeviantART user ~Kordianlas an extremely modern update on the classic Pieta pose, most famously known from Renaissance artist Michelangelo's 1499 sculpture. It's made from polystyrene foam and stands as tall, or taller, than the average man.

This is not the first time, however, that videogame heroes have been cast as religious figures, or even the first time Mario has posed as Jesus. Here are several more of our sacrilecious favorites!

'Shopped by GamesRadar's own Chris Antista

Found here – original source unknown

Image source

Image source

Found here– original source unknown

Mar 17, 2010

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