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The Hunter Heads For The Big Screen

Brit comic book hero The Hunter is set for the big screen, with its creator, Adam Hamdy, writing the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog .

The Hunter comic book has an interesting history. It was the first title from Dare Comics back in 2007, the company having been set up by Hamdy himself to distribute the title, using the money he made from being an internet entrepreneur (he created a specialist on-line payment system). Since then Dare has only published one other title – Starmaker: Leviathan, also created by Hamdy.

So, it's a vanity project?

But good luck to him. We're only jealous. We'd do the same thing if we had the money…

The story focuses on CIA agent Gabriel Mot, a man with extraordinary powers. He's put to work seeking out those who have been attacking America, and discovers a hidden world of dark beings with dangerous and destructive capabilities.

The film will be produced by Scarlet Fire Entertainment, which, as far as we can tell, wasn't set up by Hamdy (though don’t be surprised if you hear he’s bought it). Scarlet Fire was behind the TV series New Amsterdam.