The weird world of PlayStation

Sony has revealed its latest publicity brainache, which you can watch over at PS3's This Is Living website. It's got poodles fetching grenades, bikini-clad women leaping around, weirdos with badly-applied lipstick and exploding suitcases full of cash. Well, obviously.

The short, er, drama will be Sony's way of bringing PlayStation 3 into the lives of potential suitors, and it'll be beaming intoTVs across the land from March 16. Alternatively, you could pop over to your local cinema now and enjoy it in massive size.

Still, while it seems to suggest that PS3 is some kind of hotel for the insane, Sony's newest attempt to get ahead in advertising isn't quite as weird as the classic talking duck from PS2's Third Place. But then, that particular oddity was straight from the mental imagination of brain-boxing director David Lynch.

But we do miss the innocent days of PSone's hype-engine, since This Is Living is an altogether different - and far less chuckle-worthy - type of weird from the good old S.A.P.S. campaign. That's the Society Against PlayStation, in case you'd forgotten. Watch both of those classic ad breaks below.

The Third Place

Society Against PlayStation

March 6, 2007