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The Top 7... Worst scenes in Uwe Boll movies

The movie: A whiny-voiced loser goes on a series of simple errands that all devolve into insane chaos, and he eventually becomes embroiled in a struggle between al-Qaida and a cult led by Dave Foley. Also, Boll shows up as the owner of a Nazi-themed amusement park and gets his balls shot off. Yes, really.

The worst scene: For all its pre-release, OMG-is-it-actually-good buzz, Postal turned out to be just another shitty comedy. Sure, it’s got its moments – like when it successfully plays a bunch of kids getting shot to death for laughs – but in the main it’s a jumble of irritating one-dimensional characters, misguided shock-jokes and badly directed shootouts that crop up for no good goddamn reason.

Above: Ha ha, it’s like you can taste her fear! Hilarious!

Probably the best example of “no good goddamn reason” is this early scene, in which Officer Greg walks over to help an old Asian lady stuck in traffic, and then blows her away for – you guessed it – no good goddamn reason:

Oh, wait, there is a reason. He thinks she was being racist, even though nothing that came out of her mouth sounded even remotely like the n-word.

Oh, wait, that’s not the REAL reason. Here, watch it again, this time with Boll’s commentary:

Ha ha! Oh, Uwe, you incorrigible scamp. How lucky we all are that you can work through your personal issues with Asian drivers using the medium of film.

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