The Nephew review

When black, dreadlocked Harper comes off the ferry in Ireland to be greeted with "You're a bit darker than I expected" from his grizzled uncle, then you reckon you're in for a fish-out-of-water comedy that wouldn't look entirely out of place on Will Smith's CV.

But director Brady's offering doesn't keep its promise. The New Yorker nephew seems oddly unfazed by the lack of bustle and the non-existent nightlife of his dull new environment; instead he muddies his trainers doing farm-work and this develops into a love story between him and local lass McGuckin.

It's neatly photographed and gently amusing for a while, but is too slow to be riveting and too corny to engage the emotions. Nor does Brosnan's plank-of-wood performance as a pub owner help. It's good to see him using his name as producer on smaller stuff like this, but he really should have stayed on the other side of the camera.

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