The Magic Roundabout review

Dewy-eyed thirtysomethings may splutter at their childhood memories being dashed off as production-line CGI. But if you think Pixar-lite with a British flavour, this Roundabout isn't that bad. It's loud, proud and bursting with crossover appeal, even if it can't match the original in terms of gag density.

When Magic Roundabout Town is frozen by Zebedee's nemesis Zeebad, Dougal and the gang have to travel to a distant land to find two life-saving gems. The voice talent ranges from the annoyingly good (Robbie Williams as Dougal), the adequate (Bill Nighy as stoner-bunny Dylan) and the phoned-in-by-her-agent (Kylie Minogue, who gets about two lines as a disturbingly noseless Florence). The film also bridges the generation gap with nods to moppet button-pushers like Harry Potter, videogame culture and, in one glorious, Simpsons-style moment, a fantasy trip to a world made of sweets...

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