The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 10 facts revealed

Above: When the beetle flies Link is frozen to the spot. Best check for nearby enemies before zooming off

Sadly not a sequel to Beetle Adventure Racing but a new Hyrulian pastime. Aonuma hinted in a recent interview that Gorons and Zoras might challenge Link to test his flying beetle might. The beetle, for the uninitiated, is a tilt-controlled bug that flaps around like a miniature biplane. It’s responsive and zippy, and we can easily imagine taking it for a spin around a shrunken racecourse. Aonuma also talks up the beetle as an exploratory device, flying ahead to scout out areas before Link wanders blindly in. With a few stealthy leanings in play (see point eight below), an eye in the sky would certainly come in handy.