The Edge review

Kicked back from its 6 February slot to avoid the choppy wake of Titanic, here’s a quick recap of The Edge. The plot: “Intellectual billionaire Charles Morse, his supermodel wife and top celebrity photographer Robert Green fly deep into the Alaskan wilderness for a cosy, themed fashion shoot. Morse and Green then fly off in search of a bear hunter to pose for photographs. But their plane crashes, leaving the two men in a desperate fight for survival, not only against Nature and a killer grizzly, but (as Green’s desire for Morse’s wife is revealed), against the threat of treachery and jealous murder...” The low-down: “For all its obvious flaws (clichés, flimsy plot), The Edge is nothing less than an entertaining thriller. Visually astonishing, with some genuine white knuckle moments, this is a brave and worthy entry to the hit-or-miss action/adventure canon.”


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