Taxi review

Such was the impact of this Gallic actioner at the French box office that, as you read this, a sequel is already being shot. But it’s hard to see British audiences getting much joy out of Pirès’ ride through Rue de Cliché.

As scripted by Luc Besson, the set-up teams boy racer Daniel with mummy’s boy copper Emilien to nab a gang of Mercedes-screeching German crooks. In the lead, Nacéri flashes starry, laidback charm, but – like the efficient but thrill-free car chases – his bickering with Diefenthal has been seen a thousand times before. And been done 10 times better.

Taxi appears content to cruise behind the average Hollywood action flick rather than add any fresh twists, and as such never steers itself away from the middle of the road. At least Besson’s ‘80s output had a distinctive Gallic cool. This is about as French as a hotdog.

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