Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Saga: Endless Frontier

Which leads us to the jiggle. SRTOGS: Endless Frontier is obsessed with sweater puppies. The characters constantly talk about each others’ huge knockers, and the exquisitely detailed female characters (both robot and non-) prance about the screen with jelly globes a-jigglin’. For some reason, the main fembot companion’s green clothing rips off her body whenever she gets excited; at least we think that’s what was happening when her green cleavage gave way to shiny pink jiggly twins.

So for those who want a little more Tekken and Dead or Alive in their RPGs, Endless Frontier fills that demand, whether that demand exists or not. We enjoyed the twist that juggling brought to the combat, despite its repetitiveness. It made things strangely hypnotic, as well as rather satisfying when completing a perfect juggle, followed by tagging in another character to continue the juggle, followed by the super combo. We wonder if the lengthiness these combos bring to the fights will wear thin as the game progresses, although the developers seem to be aware of that pitfall: random battles don’t happen too often, and as new moves are unlocked, there’s strategy in customizing the order of your combos.

Also, the world of the game is an interesting idea: the Endless Frontier of the title refers to parallel dimensions all being drawn together so that worlds and their inhabitants can coexist, allowing the player to rapidly shift from one environment and culture to another. So if you’re a JRPG/Anime fan with a penchant for hypnosis via juggle and jiggle, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one as it develops.

Feb 10, 2009