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Super Mario Land 2 Cheats

Super Mario Land 2 Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by anonymous

    Extra Life and Extra Coins

    To get one extra life, first go to the hippo level. Get in the bubble and float along. After a while, you will come to some spiky enemies that stay in one place, but wobble when they see you. Coins go around them. Pass the first one and when you come to the second one, float up directly beneath it. DIRECTLY BENEATH IT!!!! Or you will pop your bubble. The spiky guy will die and a heart will pop and of a box. Get it.

    (SAME LEVEL)You can get 2 bags of extra coins. The first one is underwater. Jump off the ledge where you start, and go to the left a lot. You will see a ? box. Swim underneath it and a bag with an M on it pops up. Get it, and you will get 50 coins or something. The second is in the air and kinda hard to find. Float in a bubble until almost the end. Stop when you see clusters of ? boxes in threes. In other words, [?][?][?], like that. Float up and to the left and you will see a cloud shaped like a rounded cross, it has four rounded sides. You could also say it lookes like a big, fat clover. Anyway, float up slightly right of the middle of that cloud, and a money bag should appear on a box. You will get 50 coins.

  • GBA | Submitted by ???

    Beat the Bird Boss

    In the last level of the Tree Zone, try to get the flying cap. Once you get to the Bird Boss, jump(not high). If your timing is good, you should come down right on his head. Do this 3 times.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jamie-lee Goldberg (

    A Helpful Note To Some Of You

    Some people can only find 5 golden coins, the five obvious ones, here is the finding for a sixth coin:-

    When you are selecting your level go to the hippo stage. When you enter the hippo level, you will find a model of a hippo blowing bubbles, jump into a bubble and float the whole way of the level in the air. At the end of the level, insted of exiting through the regular door, you will exit through a door above it, which is normally unreachable without you floating through the bubble, go through it and you will come to a space stage, which is hard, if you complete it you will get the coin.

    Beware though, when floating through the air in a bubble avoid all enemies and the water coz the bubble will just pop.
    And another thing, whenever you want to get to the space stage, you will alaways have to go through the bubble in the hippo level first.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous (

    Easy Mode

    On the title screen, press Start to enter the pipe room. In this room, press Select to get into "Easy Mode." You can then begin any saved file you wish.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous (

    Get Extra Life

    On the level with the floating bubbles, there is a easy way to get an extra life. First, you start by going towards the bubble. Then, get in the bubble. Finally, once your in the bubble, go left back to where you started. When your back to where you started go up all the way and there should be an extra life!! You can always get it every time you die.

  • GBA | Submitted by zero cool

    Beat the Level Bosses

    Space zone: you will have too aviod the blast and try too stomp him on the top

    Marco zone: you will find a ratt but BEWARE it will try too ram you he will alwayes come from the same tunnel that he goes in.

    Mario zone: Their are 3 pigs if you have the plant you can shoot them 2 times and stomp on them once it will die

    You can shoot all bosses whith the firebals

  • GBA | Submitted by Mike

    More Money

    When you get to the Hippo level, you see the Hippo blowing bubbles. Pass that and go into the water. When you are in the water, go LEFT. As you keep going, you are in a tunnel that is in the water. When you get to the end, you will see a little question box. When you hit it, a sack of money will appear, which contains 50 coins. Then go back to the Hippo blowing bubbles and catch a ride in a bubble. Go up as far as you can and a while later, when you get four coins from the sky (that is sort of like an alarm), you will fly through the big cloud that you are in. When you get to a smaller cloud, just outside of the big cloud, go under it and keep going up and down in the bubble until you hit an invisible box in the cloud, another bag will pop up and in it is another 50 coins. You can do that level over and over again each time earning 104 coins.

  • GBA | Submitted by greg

    Easy Mode

    When you are at the place where there is 3 tubes a,b, and c press select the mario will appear small and it will say easy mode at the top!

Super Mario Land 2 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Matt

    Infinite Lives

    First, go to the Tree stage and go to the second level. Second, Keep on running until you see the drop-offand then jump into the jelly on the other side there wiil be a box jump and then there will be a heart, run and get it.

    ~note. I use this a lot and it is very use ful because if you get a game oover you will lose all your coins an you can do this as much as you like~

  • GBA | Submitted by Metaliks 2000

    Save a life

    To get out of a world that you have died in, complete the level. Before you disappear, hit START then SELECT. THIS ONLY WORKS ON WORLDS THAT YOU HAVE BEATEN!!!!!!!!