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Sony's taking Twitter suggestions for which PS2 games should hit PS4 next

Sony's soliciting suggestions for which PS2 games it should get running on PS4 next, and you can plead your case for Michigan: Report from Hell with a single tweet. Dave Thach, who is helping develop PS2 emulation on PS4 at PlayStation Worldwide Studios America, sent out a call for fans to submit their suggestions on Twitter using #ps2ps4.

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Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida jumped in to confirm that Sony is looking for PS2 suggestions of all kinds, whether they were published in-house or come from the console's extensive third-party selection. Either way, they're up for the same treatment of improved resolution, steadier frame rates, and a fresh infusion of Trophies.

Check our list of every PS2 game available on PS4 for a quick primer of what Sony already has covered. And feel free to consult our list of the classic PS2 games we want on PS4 if you need some suggestions to get you started - we shall not rest until Burnout 3: Takedown is a trending topic all its own.

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