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Sony decorates Home, video and shots inside

Sept 14, 2007

Sony has been working hard to make sure everything in Home,its PS3online network of public lobbies and private spaces, is exactly where it should be. Andits also been busy preventing the majority of Beta testers from blabbing about the service.

However,a few naughty testers have beensnapping screenshots, recording videos and posting theirresults on the internet for all to see. So,thanks to them, we can nowshow you just how well the newest version of Home is shaping up.

This latestvideo takes you on a tour of Home’s environments and also visits a number of the gaming areas, which should help to convince you that Sony’s bold move into the online social networking community is going to be something rather special.

Check out the shots of Sony's new padin thegallery.

Thanks toGametrailersand tigersnake86 for thevideo