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Sonic 4 site updates with screens, kickass music

We've been on this ride before - Sega announces new Sonic game that "takes the character back to his roots," and for months on end we believe that story just to watch those dreams tumble off a cliff. This time though, the 17th time, this will be different (we hope), as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is trying real hard to emulate the precise formula that made him a household name. Today's muse: the chipper, nostalgic music to the game's opening area.

Above: Oh man, this might just work

Theofficial websitealso has a grip of new screens that flesh out Splash Hill Zone, which itself is an obvious homage to the classic opening zones of Sonic 1 and 2 (Green and Emerald Hill, respectively).

Above: The checkpoint, the corkscrew... it's Sonic 2 all over again (GOOD)

The newest release date info is still "summer 2010," so no updates there. Looking forward to getting some hands-on time and, ideally, reporting that it's coming along as nicely as the screens, vids and music would have us believe.

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