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Skyrim DLC teased by Bethesda?

What's Bethesda about to reveal? The company, which has promised new announcements regarding Skyrim and Rage this month, today tweeted an image (via VG 24/7) of an unhappy-looking, dirt-encrusted gent standing against a black backdrop with the caption, “Tomorrow.” Admittedly, “Tomorrow” could just be the day our poor guy gets a long-overdue shower, but it's more likely to relate to a video game, so let's get speculatin'!

Bethesda's got more than just Skyrim on the go: as mentioned, the company's also teased new content for the id-developed Rage, as well as future projects like Dishonored and the rumored Elder Scrolls RPG. However, the image certainly looks plenty like Skyrim, the first-party title that's commanded the lion's share of fan chatter since Bethesda released it last year to great acclaim and countless arrows in innumerable knees. Accordingly, we'll stand with the rest of the Internet in suspecting that the announcement could well relate to the company's dragon-shouting, bucket-heading extravaganza. Keep an eye here for further announcements.