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Skype may be coming to PS3

The PS3 boasts support for 3D games, high-def video, full web browsing, and all kinds of othermultimedia content. What else could it possibly do? How about make phone calls? A Sony executive has called the idea a very realistic possibility.

In an interview withKotaku, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia managing director Michael Ephraim was asked if Skype would ever make its way to the PS3, since it already comes as a standard featureon thePSP.

Ephraim's responsewas pretty scripted- something like "we're always looking at innovations to bring through PS3 firmware upgrades blah blah blah." But he made sure to say "I would guess... it's a possibility."

Okay, so it's not exactly a smoking gun or anything, but it's nice to see that Sony hasn't completely rejected the idea. And Skype on a TV-based platform isn't unheard of, either. Samsung Internet-connected TVs come pre-installed with a Skype app to allow users to make standard voice calls to anyone in the world, or video calls to any other Skype user.

Skype makes a bit more sense on the PSP since it does kind of turn the device into a portable phone, but if the PS3 could integrate Skype video calls in addition to its existing video chat feature, it could be an effective way to one-up Kinect's video chat service.

Oct 26, 2010

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