SixAxis "rubbish" says Sega dev

Sega Racing Studio head designer Guy Wilday has branded PlayStation 3's motion-sensitive capabilities, offered by the new SixAxis pad, as rubbish- arguing that Dual Shock's rumble feature is far more appealing.

When asked by PSM3 if the next-gen renovation of Sega Rally, set to roll out in November, would support tilt control, Wilday replied: "Yes, tilt control will be included - it's not difficult to do. Fundamentally, though, the whole tilt control thing is rubbish... it's no compensation for rumble."

We would ask you what your thoughts are, but we're pretty sure we already know. Everyone's a bit disappointed about losing the rumble feature, and Sony can't be unaware of how welcome a new, rumble-capable SixAxis would be. GamesRadar will not be held accountable for anyone passing out while holding their breath for that to happen, however.

For the full Sega Rally interview, grab yourself a copy of the new issue of PSM3, on sale tomorrow. Alternatively, why not check out the magazine's official website?

February 14, 2007