Sega Rally Revo

Not everything gets better with age. Take, for example, that one friend who still somehow thinks it’s hilarious to drop Napoleon Dynamite quotes in everyday conversation.That fondness for mindless repetition means he's probably going to suck at Sega Rally Revo, a racing game where a path through a particular turn that works great at the beginning of a race could easily spell your undoing by the final lap.

This is all thanks to the game’s most interesting feature: Fully deformable tracks. As your car races through the mud, your tires leave grooves in the ground. These aren’t superficial touches like the skid marks we’ve seen in countless racing games – the polygons are actually being shifted in real time. If a line becomes too popular (and with six drivers per race, that’s very possible) that patch of mud will become so worn out that it’ll start to look more like a small lake than a reasonable route to follow. Even subtle changes to the tracks will affect a car’s handling.