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See what you'll be killing in Vanquish

Care to see why Vanquish is one of the games GR is most looking forward to? We’ve spent plenty of time gleefully singingthe praises of Platinum Games’ ballsout Japanese take on the third-person shooter genre, and you’ll start to understand why after peeping the below video, which highlights the enemies you’ll be massacring in the game into a minute and change of pure sizzle.

Giant mechs, sentient chainsaws, metal arachnids, and merciless drones… Mmmm, more please. Actually, what’s more interesting than what the enemies are, are the methods hero Sam Gideon takes to dispose of them. Yeah, the dude’s got an adaptive Borg gun, but blink and you’ll miss him upper cutting foes into one another, decapitating an enormous robot, and doing a sideways rocket-launcher takedown in mid-air!

Above: Suck it, John Woo!

We strongly recommend you take in the demo currently available on PSN and XBL, just so we don’t look like silly, geeky geese for continually calling Vanquish a breath of fresh air for a genre that’s pretty much overdosed on horseshit cover systems and “gritty” realism to the point of stagnation. Vanquish hits PS3 and Xbox 360 October 19th, so stay tuned for a review in the coming weeks.

A Visual Guide to Vanquish's Cover System

Above: No, not like this...


Oct 5, 2010