Scott surveys his Kingdom

A film that rings up $225 million of box office receipts is far from a failure but when you’re Ridley Scott and your movie is brimming over with battle scenes, maybe you’re entitled to great expectations.

The Gladiator helmer is apparently miffed with the marketing for his crusades drama Kingdom Of Heaven. “Well $225 million isn't bad. It could have been better,” the British director said. “I suppose I don't think we really got a hold of it in the States, marketing-wise. I think that they were very nervous what the reaction there might have been to it.”

Scott felt that there was a fear about pushing a movie which focused on a conflict between Islamic and Christian groups, especially in today’s political climate. “They sold it as a big action piece rather than as a religious/political thing,” he continues. “Selling it as a romantic action piece didn't work so well. It's tricky. I was strongly involved in the marketing process - I always am - and it's such an endless discussion."