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Save £110 on this Spider-Man: Homecoming statue and Blu-Ray combo at Amazon

Spider-Man: Homecoming deal

Spider-Man: Homecoming is largely seen as a return to form for the wisecracking superhero, so it’s understandable that you’d want something to commemorate a film we said “breathes new life into the MCU”. Unsurprisingly, Marvel’s way ahead of you; there’s a deal on for their special edition that includes the Blu-Ray, an exclusive comic, and an awesome statue of Spidey having aerial fisticuffs with the Vulture… all for £49.99 at Amazon. Considering the fact that it’s normally £159.99, this is a huge saving (it’d also make a good Christmas present for Marvel fans you still have to buy for). The deal won’t be around forever, so we’d advise grabbing it sooner rather than later.

Spider-Man: Homecoming limited edition is £49.99 on Amazon (save £110)

Spider-Man: Homecoming limited edition is £49.99 on Amazon (save £110)
Get a ridiculous bargain on the webhead's latest solo movie, complete with a statue of Spidey locked in battle with the Vulture.

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