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Sam Rockwell Will Have A Cameo in Moons Quasi-Sequel

A year ago Duncan Jones was that “aspiring director son of David Bowie”. Today, following the universal critical praise for Moon, Bowie is in danger of becoming that "former pop star dad of film director Duncan Jones”.

Jones is currently a hot property, having signed up to direct an SF thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal. But he’s also developing a quasi follow-up to Moon, called Mute.

In an exclusive interview in the next issue of SFX (which goes on sale on Wednesday 16 December) he reveals some more about the film:

“Mute is also going to be a sci-fi movie but it has to be produced independently so right now we are sorting out the financing for it. It takes place in the same timeline as Moon. In fact, Sam Rockwell’s character makes a cameo appearance in the plot. I have asked Sam to reprise the part and he seems happy about that.”

Read the full interview in SFX191.