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Russell T Davies On Creating Wizards Vs Aliens

In the latest issue of SFX Russell T Davies talks exclusively about the creation of new CBBC show Wizards Vs Aliens . Here’s an extract:

“Phil* and I sat there having a really interesting fanboy conversation. Which genre did we want to do? Sarah Jane was science fiction, so maybe now we should do supernatural. We had a proper conversation about how funny it is that you can only write one or the other. All those years of Doctor Who and you can never cast a spell. With Harry Potter you don’t get a robot arriving. I wish we had it on record as to who said it first, but I seem to remember saying, ‘Actually, that’s a good idea for a show!’ And then Phil said ‘Aliens Vs Wizards!’ And I went ‘Oh my god, that’s it...’ It then became Wizards Vs Aliens , we swapped it around. And in that moment you could see the entire show.”

(* That’s Phil Ford, former head writer on The Sarah Jane Adventures )

For the full interview, buy issue 227 of SFX , on sale Wednesday 19 September.