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Rumour: Harrison Ford's injury to delay Star Wars: Episode VII release date?

The fallout from Harrison Ford's recent on-set accident continues to cast a shadow over Star Wars: Episode VII , with rumours claiming that the film may be forced to push back its release date.

It was recently confirmed that Ford broke his leg in the accident, rather than his ankle, as was originally reported, an injury likely to keep him off set for at least eight weeks.

That's a serious chunk of time for any production, particularly given the fact that Ford is thought to have a major amount of screen-time in the new film.

Reports are now claiming that the production could be pushed back by "a substantial amount of time", meaning that the film's December 2015 release date is now in some jeopardy.

Disney has yet to officially confirm any date change, however, and would be loathe to surrender such a prime slot in the calendar. Studios often find ways to work around injured stars, so we wouldn't go changing those diaries just yet.

Should all go to plan, Episode VII will open in the UK on 18 December 2015.

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